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Get comfy and renew...

Grab a book or phone, sit down, and listen to a podcast or read a book from our suggested list! 


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Tips on adding spice to your marriage. 


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Discover the concept of the Love women need and the Respect men desire; and visa versa. (book and podcast)
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Finding the love language of the ones you love for a deeper love connection. 
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Concepts on being married as a woman, and what a husband may see. 

A new look at anger. 

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A new perspective for wives as they look into their own lives about how they help their husbands. 

Friends Eating Dinner

Focus on the Family

Marriage Podcast

Decorating easter Eggs

Empowered to Connect:

Foster Care and Adoption Audio and Videos

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Upheaval can happen in marriages when mixed with ADHD- it is real and frustrating to maneuver through. Here are some ways to turn a negative mindset to positive, and to learn more about how to find success in ADHD symptomatic issues. 

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Discover the difference in shame and guilt, and what this author's research says about how they effect your core beliefs. Learn to live in a more wholehearted and vulnerable manner. 

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