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All sessions are 50 minutes.

Please call 951-384-1770 to schedule an appointment. 

Currently, all therapy sessions are online. Now you can attend therapy from anywhere! Please also fill out an intake packet before you attend counseling under the "intake packet" tab above. 

Parent coaching sessions are phone calls that are 60 min per meeting. Parent coaching is NOT therapy. See details below!

Services include:

  • anger management

  • Pastoral/family support

  • premarital counseling

  • foster care/ adoption parent counseling

  • couples issues

  • children and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • grief and loss counseling

  • anxiety

  • divorce and blended families

About Services

Premarital Therapy: This therapy consists of 8-10 intentionally themed sessions, designed to help clients with an array of topics that will be beneficial to discuss before marriage. Subjects include areas that are researched as areas possibly causing divorce such as finances, intimacy, childhood history, personality test, and more! Homework is also assigned in each session. In an effort to start off on a healthy path, or to heal some arising issues, start premarital counseling before marrying. Clients can add sessions to the allotted sessions to process through areas that may arise as further issues. 


Anger Management Therapy: Anger effects many people in different ways, and that is why this therapy is unique. Sarah meets with women and mothers, or couples to discuss their anger and frustration in different facets of life. There are different techniques and education Sarah can provide, while also practice what she will assign as homework to work through your emotions. 


Foster Care and Adoption Counseling: There is a such thing as being "traumatized by the traumatized."Secondary trauma is real and can be debilitating. You may care very much for the wellbeing of your child, and effects and expectations you had for fostering and adopting may be disappointing. Throughout sessions, you can process your emotions, trauma, frustration, joy, and ideas for how your family needs to heal and develop new strategies. With 7+ years experience in the foster care social work and case management field, you can feel confident we will get to the root of issues and trauma. We will navigate the trust, hurt, prolonged pain, and imposter syndrome you may be feeling.


ADHD: This therapy consists of working through the effects that ADHD has on marriage and personal life. Working with adults and women ages 15+, if ADHD is not viewed through a lens of "how to find success" it can drive your partner and yourself into deep issues. There are an array of areas of which a person struggling with this disorder can find success, and can function very normally and with less anxiety or depression. ADHD is many times a co- occurring disorder, meaning it is paired with another disorder, and does not stand alone. If you are experiencing ADHD, please consider therapy as a means to help you become more organized, and manage your thoughts and emotions. If you are the partner of someone struggling with ADHD, you can learn more and encourage your partner through a new lens. 


Divorce and Blended Families: This therapy is for mothers and children, mothers, or couples who are working through the effects of divorce or issues that blended families may bring. Whether you are newly separated, worried about your child's wellbeing, or processing disappointments or resentments with your partner and your growing family, this therapy will help you reach your COLLECTIVE goals. You will be assigned homework as appropriate to your goals, and process through what issues have arose in your day-to-day life. You will also be asked to assess your communication styles and consider how to care for your children and your own emotions at the same time. 


Grief and Loss: There are about 11 types of grief, some of which we do not think about as loss. Even though some of our losses are good, they are still a loss. For example, if a child goes to college, there is loss and grief that needs to be acknowledged by the child and the parent. If grief goes on untouched and stuffed into the pit of your stomach, it will come out in all kinds of unhealthy ways. If you choose not to unpack the grief now, it will unpack itself and stay for an unwanted amount of time, later. Grief counseling will help you to name and normalize what you experience in your loss, and identify what you need to process as you make a new normal. 












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